Active Physical Therapy & Wellness Telehealth is Now Available


At Active Physical Therapy and Wellness Center we are committed to enhancing the lives of all our patients. In order to continue your therapy and stay within social distancing guidelines we are now offering telehealth service.


What virtual physical/occupational telehealth is:

Telehealth is a way to connect with your licensed physical/occupational therapist virtually over the internet via two-way video conferencing. By utilizing telehealth, you can continue therapy and reach your optimal health goals! Telehealth utilizes multiple platforms such as Facetime and Skype, on your home computer or IOS/Android smartphone. Many individuals have access to these services bundled onto their existing telecommunication plans. We recommend contacting your internet/smartphone provider for details on accessing two way video conference options.

Further information:

To book your Telehealth physical therapy/occupational therapy, please call 845-354-7779. The Active Physical Therapy Wellness team looks forward to continuing our history of meeting your health needs, and will be here for you during these challenging times.