Richard Serrano

Owner / Occupational Therapist

  • Rich has more than 15 years of experience as a physical therapist and is the director and owner of Active PT & Wellness. His philosophy is “NO pain, Big Gain“. Rich loves the people he serves and loves helping them achieve their goals. He loves learning new things.

Catherine Doolan


  • Cathy’s lifelong passion for health and fitness spans over 40 years. She is thrilled at the opportunity to share her knowledge in our uniquely inclusive program. Her diverse background in traditional fitness settings and expansion into working on program development with physical therapists makes her a natural fit for the Active Connections community.

Rafael Muniz

Zumba instructor

  •  Rafael is a fitness professional who leads Zumba classes, which are high-energy dance workouts that combine Latin and international music with easy-to-follow choreography. They typically have training and certification in Zumba, and are skilled in motivating and engaging participants of all fitness levels to have fun while burning calories and improving their cardiovascular health.