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Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

A woman's body goes through incredible physical, hormonal and emotional changes during pregnancy, labor and after deliver. Today, many physicians recommend physical and massage therapy to relieve the discomforts experienced by women during pregnancy and to help prepare their bodies for an easier delivery and recovery.

Our physical therapy program for pre and post-natal patients includes active exercises which improve strength and flexibility, postural work and pelvic stabilization. We focus especially on the hips, back and abdomen as this can help your labor and delivery go easier and help you in the recovery process

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pregnancy:
Reduce the discomforts of pregnancy.
Prepare your body for an easier delivery.
Prepare your body for an easier recovery.

• Improve your overall ability to do daily activities.

• Reduce pain in lower back.
• Reduce neck pain and headaches.

• Reduce tight hamstrings and foot pain caused by flattening of the feet and weight gain.
Reduce arm pain due to nerve compression from rounded shoulders
• Gain more control over bladder leakage caused by strained pelvic muscles
• Increased flexibility & movement.
• Sleep better.
• Recover weakened abdominal muscles due to the expanding abdomen.

How long before benefits are realized?
The more chronic and severe the condition, the longer it takes to respond. The majority of conditions will take from 4-5 or 10-18 treatments.

Be Wary Of...
Practitioners/Therapists that want you to utilize an alternative laser treatment protocol other than the ML830 Laser. There are multiple laser products that are on the market which may be ineffective or possibly harmful. Facilities that don't offer one-on-one service or make you a passive recipient. Therapists who only give massage therapy without exercise and injury prevention instruction.

Why Act Now?
Don’t put it off any longer. Come in and experience the difference we can make during your pregnancy with our professional and friendly staff! Call (845) 345-7779 and schedule an appointment today.


*100% Money-Back Guarantee

How to Prepare for Your 1st Appt/Exam

Patient Testimonials
“My experience was great and the results were unbelievable…office visits were enjoyable with weight loss and great body toning.”

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