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We extend a 30% discount if you are paying Cash Out of Pocket, have high deductible insurance plans or if you are opting out of your HMO (please see Cash Discounts below). We accept most insurances at our standard rates. We also accept auto insurance, attorney liens and cash pay.

We extend discounts if you are undergoing
Financial Hardship situations.

Call to find out more information
(845) 354-7779


Fees Discount rate* Description

Initial Exam

$115.00 $0
Includes exam, education, self-care, home exercises.


$45.00 $0
Includes progress note, self & home care.

Soft Tissue Mobilization (97410)

$0 $0
Reduces scar tissue and enhances circulation

Joint Mobilization

$0 $0
Improves motion and balanced movement.

Biomechanical Correction

$0 $0
Re-establishes healthy body movement to reduce pain and improve functional performance.

Therapeutic Exercise
(15min sessions)

$35.00 $0
Improves strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility.

(15min sessions)

$27.00 $0
Use of dynamic activities to improve and restore healthy movement and normal function.

Gait Training
(15min sessions)

$30.00 $0
Improves walking and stair climbing.

Neuromuscular Re-education
(15min sessions)

$35.00 $0
Re-trains muscles to normal function, balance, coordination, posture and proprioception.

Mechanical Traction

$0 $0
Relieves Pressure off spinal joints.

Electrical Stimulation

$0 $0
Stimulates the reduction of pain and spasm (15min).


$0 $0
Stimulates circulation and tissue elasticity.

Myofascial Release
(15min sessions)

$30.00 $0
Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Heat or Ice

Free Free
Ice helps to reduce inflammation by effecting blood vessels. Heat promotes muscle relaxation.

Hydro Bed
(15min sessions)

$15.00 $0
pulsing water jet massage adjusts to your personal preferences, relieves stress, strain aches and pains , used fully clothed, perfect for the busy lifestyle.

Electrical Stimulation
(Medicare Only)

$15.00 $0
Stimulates the reduction of pain and spasm (15min).

*100% Money-Back Guarantee

How to Prepare for Your 1st Appt/Exam

Patient Testimonials
"They have a nice staff of caring and loving people who make you feel welcome and cared for. It's a pleasure to go for therapy. They pick you up if you don't have a ride."

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